Kelly Lougheed

Software Developer | Educator
Los Angeles, CA


Rails student participation gradebook app for teachers


Ruby on Rails JavaScript TDD Bootstrap HTML CSS

  • Gradebook app for high school teachers.
  • Teachers can input their rosters and track participation points for each student.
  • Teachers can record comments about students to use in report cards & parent-teacher conferences.
  • Comments can be automatically emailed to students.
  • The app was built with TDD and has >95% test coverage.

Roman Numeral Quiz

AngularJS JavaScript HTML CSS

  • App to quiz students on Roman numerals.
  • Students convert Arabic numerals to Roman numerals and receive instant feedback.
  • The app tracks the student's history of correct and incorrect answers.
  • Includes teacher section with suggestions for classroom use in Latin or math class.
AngularJS Roman numeral quiz app
Italian-to-English dictionary Google Chrome extension


JavaScript APIs HTML CSS

  • Italian-to-English dictionary in your browser window as a Chrome extension.
  • Consumes the Glosbe API to provide translations and grammar help.
  • Originally built as an iOS app with Swift (github & blog post).
  • Built to enable immersive reading for Italian language learners.

HIIT Timer

JavaScript HTML CSS

  • Customizable fitness timer that tracks intervals of activity and rest for HIIT workouts.
  • Color changes from cyan to pink depending on level of activity.
  • Includes pause and reset buttons.
JavaScript HIIT timer
PHP poetry-writing app

This Is Just To Say


  • Generates a poem to apologize for eating your roommate's food.
  • Emails the poem to a recipient of your choice.
  • Can be used in the English classroom to teach William Carlos Williams.

Teaching Portfolio

PHP Bootstrap HTML CSS

  • Sample lessons and projects in Computer Science and Latin.
  • Narratives of my teaching experience and education in Computer Science and Latin.
  • Student reviews.
  • Website design inspired by the computer terminal and code text editors.
Computer science and Latin teaching portfolio


Kelly Lougheed

I'm a Los Angeles-based computer science teacher and software developer. I started making websites in 3rd grade and eventually used them to advertise my books. Now I build full-stack web applications. As a Classics (Latin & Greek) graduate of Brown University and former Latin teacher, I particularly enjoy building applications that relate to education and the humanities.

I have worked as a software developer using JavaScript, Python, and PHP and have also built apps in Ruby on Rails and Swift. Most recently, I've been pursing a certificate in Computer Science Education at the College of St. Scholastica.

I believe that computer science has a place in every student's education and that the CS skillset can be applied to any field. Beyond programming, I'm also interested in technology history, digital humanities, and the social and ethical issues surrounding tech.