Personality Quiz

In this activity, students program their own personality quizzes in Scratch or Python. The "Activity Description" in the Scratch document outlines the general activity, where students reflect on personality quizzes they've encountered online or in magazines and brainstorm ideas for their own quizzes. As they use their creativity to come up with quiz ideas, students see how they can connect coding to their own interests.

The Scratch activity is designed for students who have progressed to at least Unit 5 of the Scratch Curriculum Guide. Whether in Scratch or Python, the activity reinforces assumed knowledge of variables and conditionals and expands student knowledge of logical operations and nested conditionals. Handouts for both Scratch and Python are included below.

The teacher can additionally refrain from giving the students the Scratch or Python handouts with sample code and have the class brainstorm ideas for how to program the quiz. The handouts help ensure that all students will be successful in the end; the Python handout also offers additional programming challenges for stronger students.

This activity was originally developed for a Computational Thinking & Standards class at the College of St. Scholastica.